Monday, June 9, 2008

kung fu panda

great movie!!
the kids loved it and dh and i laughed and laughed.
jack black voiced the panda perfectly!
but, look out, you'll have the "kung fu fighting" song from the 70's in your head for days!

going on a trip!

this will be my very first trip alone, without dh or kiddos ever! i am driving down to tennessee with my friend dawn to a scrapbook event this weekend! i am so completely stoked! use exclamation points much? HA!

the event is friday night and saturday with some shopping on sunday. i have been in planning stage forever! can't wait to hit the road. i am a little nervous about meeting all of these ladies i know only on the computer, but the ones i have already met are so nice and fun to be with. i expect the rest will be too. it's a lot of money to spend on little old me. i have been wanting to go to a scrapbook weekend since forever.

i will surely post about the weekend!

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