Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Created to Care" ladies retreat

I am so very excited for the weekend of February 4-6! I signed up today for the "Created to Care" retreat in Atlanta! It is for woman who have a heart for adoption. There will be women who have adopted, are in the process of adopting or just like the idea. It sounds wonderful to spend time with women who feel as strongly as I do about adoption and following God's plan for their lives. I'm sure I will meet so many amazing women!

I found out about the retreat on Andrea's blog. She is one of the women putting the whole thing together. When I read about it I immediately wanted to go. But, it's in Georgia, getting there would involve flying or driving for 14 hours, expensive or time consuming! Plus, there's the hotel cost. Being in the middle of this adoption and planning fundraisers, I didn't know if I should spend the money. It feels so important to my soul to go, so I mentioned it to Dave. Right away, he said it would be perfect for me. So, we decided to just do it. I registered today and won't have to pay airfare and hotel costs until later. I plan to spread it out. It's almost 4 months away, but I can't wait!

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