Wednesday, December 3, 2008

POTD Dec 2

this is rehearsal for the nutcracker. E and NL are both in it. it was only a part dress, as their hair isn't done. we'll do the hair mostly (without curls for the girls) for the first rehearsal on thursday at the show site and full dress at the site on friday. the show is 2 performances on saturday. the kids are very excited that it is so close to the show. the closer it gets the more stressed i get! E has 3 roles, 3 costumes and 3 hairstyles!! NL will be easy with just 1 role.

POTD Dec 1

E got the stomach bug last night, she was the last of the kids to get it. she wasn't feeling well enough for school, so we kept her and J home, J mostly so he wouldn't spread the germs we were sure were floating around. so, the kids and i did a craft. the kids colored up some christmas shrinky dinks tom and dawn had given them a couple christmas's ago. i shrunk them and attached them to a pretty red fiber and now we have a cute little decoration. i'll have to get a photo of the finished project. the above photo is the boys watching the magic shrinky dinks in action.

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