Monday, January 26, 2009

well, well, well

ok, so i remember i have a blog it's just that life got in the way again. december kicked my butt. having a late thanksgiving plus losing a week to the Nutcracker made the time left to prepare for christmas much too short. i've spent the last month recovering! well, recovering and doing the reorganizing of the house that comes from having to incorporate the contents of a whole toy store. the kids get so many gifts it's really quite ridiculous. i'm still in the process of moving all of the toys we had stored in the shelves in the dining room to the boys room upstairs. they're all old enough to go upstairs to play and bring down a few things to play with if they want to be downstairs. i need some type of storage cabinet/bench for games in the living room. they have a ton of games they don't play with because they're out of sight. i'd rather have the games down here and they can play with them at the table and not lose as may pieces.

prompt #7 is up at scrapping across the universe! it's all about scrapping a family photo! check it out!

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