Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'm not sure

i'm not sure i can handle continuing in this fashionista competition. it is quickly becoming important to me to make the team. i tried to make a layout that would get picked for the catwalk this week. and didn't make it. the catwalk is a selection of layouts that the current fashionista's pick each week. this week they are all layouts with the sushi collection. i have never been on the catwalk before and so i was very hopeful this week especially after one of the fashionistas left me a comment on one of my layouts. how am i gonna make the team if i can't even make the catwalk. part of me would like to give up now. so that it's my decision not to make it. i don't want to face the rejection. when i sent the email submitting my name for the team i never thought i'd make it past the first round. kept telling myself there was no way. but, now that i have made it, now that i know there's a chance, and JJ likes my stuff, well i get more invested each day.

i will keep doing the challenges. the reward of winning is worth it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

a couple kiddo goodies

E - she is very excited because she won a contest at school. there is a reading program called accelerated reader that they use at her school. they read books and take tests to earn points. the better your reading comprehension the more points they get. the student with the most points in each class wins as well as the student in each grade with the most points. well, she won for her class and for the second grade!! i am very proud of her, as she wanted to win this and worked hard for it. do you wanna know what she won? for her class prize she gets to pick any teacher in the school and throw a whipped cream pie in their face! she chose her first grade teacher, whom we all loved. and as second grade winner she gets to throw a pie in the principals face!! it's today and she wants me to come. should be some good photos!

J - he always has creative ways of describing things and often uses big words. words way to big for a kindergarten student. he says "actually" and "technically" things like that. the other night we were talking about how school had been when i remembered i had snuck a note in his lunch box. i asked him how lunch went.
he said "good"
"did you find anything interesting in your bag?"
he started naming the food that i had packed.
"wasn't there anything that wasn't food?"
he puts on his thinking face, rolls his eyes up to look at the ceiling and says "i can't find it. oh, yeah. there was a note."
me feining shock "there was?" "did you like it?"
"it was embarrassing"
me shocked for real "what? why?"
"you wrote momma on it."
"what would you rather i write?"
"mommy (pause)or just mom. yeah, just mom"

i wonder if he was looking through his bag in his head when he said he couldn't find it or if he couldn't find the memory. funny boy. he often calls me momma at home, but i guess he doesn't want to appear babyish in front of "the guys". i would rather they call me momma forever. i prefer it over mommy. but, i guess i don't get to choose.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sushi anyone?

here's the first thing i made with ashley's kit. the calender came in the kit. i added a Heidi swapp journal spot, some punchinella, a button and a star i made to look (hopefully) like the shapes on the papers. i'm gonna use the calender to record the little happinesses in our everyday lives together.


i love a good mail day. look what the fedex man brought me! it's the rainbow sushi collection from SIStv by Ashley Wren. i had to have it because i've known Ashley for awhile in the online community and met her last year at CHA. i feel a kindship with her and wanted to support her design work.

off and running

today is gonna be one of those momma taxi days.
- pick E up from school and take her to the eye doctor for a check up
- take E back to school, so she doesn't miss a special lunch in the class room
- pick up J from school
- pick up E from school (a 3 hour day)
- home for lunch for the other 2 boys
- drop boys at in laws for ballet time
- drop E at ballet
- maybe stay at ballet and talk with other moms, or home for a couple chores or maybe some scrappin
- pick up E from ballet
- run to store for a couple dinner things
- pick up boys and home for dinner

guess i better get going!

Monday, January 14, 2008


mondays are simple days for me. i have a little free time (without kids) during the day and then mil takes the kids for dinner and playtime at mcdonalds. the big 2 are at school, J has a full day. NL and NT go to grandmas for homeschool preschool for 2 hours this am. i plan to take a treadmill walk and use the new shelf D built for my laptop to sit on so i can watch tv shows while i walk. i also need to catch up on a few dishes, rotate laundry and drop off a couple movies.

speaking of movies, we watched stardust last night. it was really good. i didn't like it at first because i didn't get it. but, as it went along things were explained and i ended up enjoying it. michelle phiffer is an old witch, loved her. her makeup was awesome. Robert Deniro is a flamboyant pirate captain and is hilarious. it is a great fairy tale. definitely worth a rent.

for our family movie this weekend we watch Zoom. it's a couple years old, but we hadn't seen it, because it got horrible reviews. i decided to get it because i thought the kids would like it. they did. i liked it too. it was so funny it lots of places. exactly my kind of humor, i lol several times.

a new favorite layout

i almost didn't post this one anywhere. i was thinking about submitting it. but, changed my mind. what do you think?

jumping on the bandwagon

well, i've had a private blog for awhile, but now i'm going public! we'll see how it goes. i'm sure i won't be a regular poster, but i'll try.

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