Wednesday, December 3, 2008

POTD Dec 2

this is rehearsal for the nutcracker. E and NL are both in it. it was only a part dress, as their hair isn't done. we'll do the hair mostly (without curls for the girls) for the first rehearsal on thursday at the show site and full dress at the site on friday. the show is 2 performances on saturday. the kids are very excited that it is so close to the show. the closer it gets the more stressed i get! E has 3 roles, 3 costumes and 3 hairstyles!! NL will be easy with just 1 role.

POTD Dec 1

E got the stomach bug last night, she was the last of the kids to get it. she wasn't feeling well enough for school, so we kept her and J home, J mostly so he wouldn't spread the germs we were sure were floating around. so, the kids and i did a craft. the kids colored up some christmas shrinky dinks tom and dawn had given them a couple christmas's ago. i shrunk them and attached them to a pretty red fiber and now we have a cute little decoration. i'll have to get a photo of the finished project. the above photo is the boys watching the magic shrinky dinks in action.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

out of the mouths of babes

NL and NT just came upstairs from watching a veggie tales movie called minnesota cuke, it's about bullies. NL walks up to me and says "momma, did you know that God makes it so you can love your enemies?" his eyes were bright with new knowledge. i said isn't that amazing and asked him if he has any enemies. he didn't think he did, but maybe his sister because she wouldn't play with him last night. :)

the other day i heard J and NL talking in the back of the van. J said "God knows everything about you." NL responded with "yeah, and santa too." the holidays are coming, guess he's been thinking about it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Across the Universe #3

here is my layout for the third challenge. the topic was first love or first kiss. well for NL his first love outside of family has got to be B. she is his favorite friend and he looks forward to seeing her at church and choir each week. the tractor cut out may seem out of place, but the day the pictures were taken we were on a farm, and the colors matched so well. ;)

they rock

e and j's school had an awards ceremony last week for honors from the first quarter. each teacher awards a citizenship award to a boy and a girl in their class each quarter. e and j both got the citizenship awards in their classes! i was very proud! e's class has been together for 2 full years already and she just joined them this year for 3rd grade. so, it was especially sweet in her case. after the 3rd and 4th grade ceremony i told her teacher that j had gotten the citizenship for his class and said "isn't that funny" or something to that effect. she replied "no, that's good parenting!". love her!! actually, i'm sure it's a good portion cool kid and some parenting mixed in.

e also got awards for having straight A's and reading 250,000 words during the quarter.
j also got perfect attendance. there are less awards for the younger kids and they don't get letter grades until 3rd grade in our district. if they did he would have gotten all a's as well as his marks were all o's (the highest mark for k-2nd). i wasn't at his ceremony, but dave was, so the pic of j is on his phone!

Monday, November 17, 2008

a boy and his puppy

NT and Lily snuggling on the heat register last week. I love how Lily is using him as a pillow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Third Day on the 3rd

My favorite band in the whole world, and the only one I listen to on a regular basis, Third Day. On the 3rd day of the month the have a blog carnival on the bands blog. I thought it would be fun to play along. They are a christian rock band. Their current CD, Revelation, fits my life perfectly right now, I listen to it daily. I wish I could meet Mac Powell who is the front man for the band and writes most of the lyrics. I would like to tell him how powerful his songs are. How so many of the songs are prayers for me. That revelation was exactly what I needed, and that God has given it to me and that his songs helped me realize what I needed and that my priorities were out of whack. Thank You Mac, Mark, Tai and David for your music ministry.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog fun

i love going from blog to blog, link by link. it's so fun to discover new people. it's even more fun when a give away is involved! today i found this blog and she has a fun scrappy giveaway. i signed up, good luck to anyone else who does.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Musical 3

my kids are all crazy for HSM. they watch the movies over and over and were quite excited to see the third movie in a theater. dave didn't want to go on opening day so the 6 of us waited for our sunday night family movie night to go. we usually watch a dvd at home together, so this was a special treat. there were very few people in the theater and we had great seats. the kids loved it, although it got a little too long for the youngest. i think the music of the first 2 was better and e said the second one is still her favorite. the super cute red and black wildcats jacket that n.l. is wearing was altered by me last halloween. he wanted to be troy bolton so i bought him a running suit and added a hand made felt wildcat on the front and bolton and 14 on the back. pretty crafty if i do say so myself!

it was pretty funny when within the first 3 seconds of the movie the teen aged girls in front of us were gasping at the sight of a sweaty zac efron. i laughed outloud at their reaction. i'm so glad e doesn't pay any attention to boys yet. she is 9 and has girlfriends that are already boy crazy at the same age, yikes!

Monday, October 20, 2008

this man

lately i've been thinking a lot about how blessed i am to be married to my best friend. how fortunate i am to have found someone who makes me happy just by being together. the other night we were on an escape weekend, just the 2 of us. we were watching part of "Almost Famous". there was a quote in the movie that was just perfect for the way i feel about Dave.

"I'm never as good as when I'm with you, when I see myself the way you see me."

yep, that sums it up, he makes me a better person. so very thankful he is mine.
now, i just wish he'd let me take his picture. i got this one on the playground when he was playing with the kids.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Across the Universe!

my big secret has been revealed! one of my SISters Bree has started a challenge blog based on the movie Across the Universe. i was so excited when she asked me to be a member of the design team! our first challenge is up! this is my version. i have wanted to be a part of a challenge blog for soo long! thanks Bree!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have a secret!

It's always so fun to read on a fellow scrapper's blog that they have some news, but it's not quite time to share it. It usually means they have designed a scrapbooking product, been published or made a design team. I'm so excited to be able to say that i have news that I can't share yet! But, it won't be long. The cat will be out of the bag sometime next week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walking the Catwalk!

yay!! double yay!! i love it when one of the fashionista's picks one of my layouts for their weekly favorite. today was my third time to be picked. and each time it makes my day! this layout titled "manifest destiny" was chosen by kim brimall. thanks kim!! i did the layout in response to a challenge by another fashionista, Amy Tan, to use mags and scrap supplies to manifest your own destiny. fun stuff.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kenner Road

A very sweet lady that i met through an online site is opening her very own kit club called Kenner Road. Kerry Lynn is the kind of person who is just genuinely nice and caring and creative. i wish her the best of luck with this new endeavor. I think she's gonna ROCK IT!

Kenner Road is the name of the street KL grew up on. I can't imagine naming anything after the street i lived on for 7 years of my childhood, it was Tamara Drive. Great house, funny street name. Into my 20's it was my favorite house i'd ever been in. It had 4 bedrooms and a bonus room next to the garage. Even with 3 siblings i always had my own room. i loved that. the best part was that there were 4 girls in the same grade as me on our block, emily, jenny, joey and becky. good times!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mr. Lincoln, I presume?

Over the labor day weekend our town had a celebration marking the 150th year reunion of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. before Lincoln was president he ran against Douglas for a state race and lost. these debates precluded that election. the big deal about them was that Lincoln talked about abolishing slavery. so, our town had a weekend full of events included a parade with several period entries including both a lincoln and a douglas impersonator from our town. they were both riding in horse drawn carriages and were followed by supporters on foot wearing period costumes.

Back to School

i go back and forth between "yay, they're back in school" and "man, i can't believe summer is over!" it did go fast and that means that winter is just around the corner and i really don't like winter. i need to live somewhere where it doesn't get cold. but anyway, i digress. the first day of school was last monday a week and 2 days ago. e and j were both ready to get back to it. and excited about their new school. the first time they've attended school together. they are both in the HAPP program now. it is an accelerated learning program in our district. i think it will be really good for them. i think i have blogged about it before.

j has never even seen the speed racer movie and only seen a couple of the cartoons on dvd, but loves the merchandise and begged for a speed racer t-shirt. he also was desperate (he is usually full of drama!) for an ironman backpack. he never saw that movie either, but loves the idea of that superhero who can fly and made his own suit.

e is very preteen these days and she's only 8! she'll be 9 at the end of the month, but already exhibits preteen behavior! there is lots of hands on the hips and she's already into fashion. we shopped the end of summer sales for some of her back to school stuff and she adored this sparkly turqoise shirt. she is carrying the same bag as last year, so she could use her back pack money for another shirt. :)

don't let this photo fool you. j wanted to love on e for the photo, but e was none too pleased. as soon as i was done taking a couple shots she pushed him away. very preteen!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Walk to Emmaus

wow. what an event. before i went i talked to a few people who'd already attended a weekend and no one could really explain what it was like. i thought they were being secretive but i realize now that it is unexplainable. there are a few surprises throughout the weekend that help to define God's love for you and it's best to keep them as a surprise. to enjoy them as they come and not to anticipate. for me that is very hard to do. my table leaders thought i knew too much about the event, but i think they were wrong. i only knew a few things about the make up of the event. i knew that there were attendees that had been there before, people who were there to serve the "pilgrims" during the weekend. i knew that there were talks each day that helped you to understand God a little better and to help you figure out where you are on your walk with God. and i knew a little bit about Agape. but, the outpouring of huge acts of Agape, the surprises, i had no idea about. they were huge. i felt God's love all around me. and i am positive that my experience wouldn't have been any different or less powerful, if i hadn't known those things. dave did a very good job of telling me enough to give my inquisitive self an idea of what i was getting into, but not ruining the surprises.
i decided to go on the weekend because i wanted to be closer to God. i wanted to make sure i was on the right track. i prayed a lot for revelation, for clarity, and i got it. i have found in my spiritual life that God will totally meet you where you are and give you what you need as you need it. He gently reminded me that my priorities were out of wack. that i was spending way to much time on things of little importance. so, i vowed to limit the time spent on those things, and to spend more time on christian study and taking care of my children, husband and home. not because i am their servant, but because that is how i serve God. by taking care of the blessings he has given me. i have also been struggling with feelings of being led by God to adopt a child. He keeps pulling me in that direction, it is strongly in my heart, but i keep questioning it. i try to reason with Him, we don't have enough space, or enough time, or enough money. but, still He pulls me. i know he will provide, but in my human-ness i worry about my abilities. during the weekend on sunday i was feeling homesick and missing my family very much. during one of the talks i found my mind wandering. i didn't want that to happen, i wanted to get as much out of the weekend as possible so i began to pray. i asked God what i could possible get out of that talk. what it was he had left to tell me that weekend. the idea of adoption came to me and my thoughts of doubt. i heard God in my mind say "Find Her". what? i questioned, really? i don't think you really mean it. how can i possibly? "FIND HER" i heard it again. there was no doubt. He really meant it. i don't know where she is. i don't know if she's born yet. but, i do know i need to find her. i need to give the problems to God and let him find the answers.
on sunday evening i wanted desperately for dave to be there to pick me up. i wanted so much to see him and talk to him about my experience and to hug him. but, they encouraged us to not use our phones, so i didn't call and ask him to come. although it was really hard not to. so imagine my delight when he was there waiting for me.

Monday, June 9, 2008

kung fu panda

great movie!!
the kids loved it and dh and i laughed and laughed.
jack black voiced the panda perfectly!
but, look out, you'll have the "kung fu fighting" song from the 70's in your head for days!

going on a trip!

this will be my very first trip alone, without dh or kiddos ever! i am driving down to tennessee with my friend dawn to a scrapbook event this weekend! i am so completely stoked! use exclamation points much? HA!

the event is friday night and saturday with some shopping on sunday. i have been in planning stage forever! can't wait to hit the road. i am a little nervous about meeting all of these ladies i know only on the computer, but the ones i have already met are so nice and fun to be with. i expect the rest will be too. it's a lot of money to spend on little old me. i have been wanting to go to a scrapbook weekend since forever.

i will surely post about the weekend!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

random goings on

lots of stuff going on lately.

the kids spring activities are wrapping up. E's class had a field trip to the discovery center in rockford. it's a hands on childrens museum. great fun. the photo is her climbing down the mouse hole under the stairs between floors.

J's class had a mom's day at school. i went and enjoyed some time with him, one on one.

we've been going to garage sales and rummage sales when we see them. i love church rummage sales. they are great for finding treasures old ladies have tossed. i found a great wallet, key and comb set for 75 cents at one a couple weeks ago. it's vintage, made of pig skin and was never used! J is always on the lookout for bionicle pieces. and NL wants to get his hands on polly pockets.

my in laws just got home from springing in arizona. they don't go out until late february, so they don't really winter there, they spring there. we're glad to have them back. i get used to not having them around and doing all the kid schlepping with some help from dh. but, now that they're back i don't have to take the kids on all my errands. mil takes them for home school pre-school 2 hours 3 days a week. plus, she keeps them for lunch one day too. it's heaven! i can get twice as much done without littles taging along.

there's more, but i need to load some photos, so i'll be back.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

yes, scrapbooking really has it's own day. mostly scrapbookers use it as an exuse to play with paper and lots of online store give away lots of goodies! fun, fun stuff. i'm gonna scrap this am and then head over to my niece's bday party this afternoon. here's a layout that is an ode to my favorite cheeseburger.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008


wow. my kids are rocking the whole school thing lately. i think it's due to grandma's home school preschool. at least that has given them a boost.

e has participated in the school districts young author contest for 3 years. the first year she didn't get an award. but, last year she won at her school and went to the district level (with students from at least 4 grade schools) and won an honorable mention for her story. we are very proud of her. this year she again won at her school! her stories are so fun and i am so glad she enjoys writing.

i've been stressing and praying lately about where e and j were going to go to school next year. e's teacher this year is brand new and i feel he has not taught her to her potential. i was concerned that she would get another "just ok" teacher. at their school they don't take parents requests for teachers. so, with j going there next year i was also concerned about which teacher he would get. there are 4 1st grade teachers at their school and i only think one is really good teacher. i've spent time with them on field trips and such.

well, my prayers were answered for j yesterday when we got a letter in the mail from the district saying he had high academic potential and was invited to participate in the happ program. this is the program that e's kindergarten teacher was sure e would get into for 1st grade. but, because of demographics (the classroom has to be made up of the same percentage of each nationality as the district)she didn't make it. we were concerned that she'd end up with a "just ok" teacher. but, she had mrs. nott who was a great teacher. i was so glad that j was invited to be in the happ program as they do a lot of extra things. the kids are all interested in learning and the teacher doesn't have to teach to such a wide group of skill levels.

and then today the phone rang and it was the director of the happ program. he said he doesn't usually make phone calls to parents, but this was a special instance. he was calling because e had tested into the happ program. and sometimes having children at the same school makes a difference whether the parents send them to there or not. (at the end of 2nd and 4th grades the children are tested again and rearranged based on scores. it's harder to get in though because the kids in happ have a more detailed education). e made it in too!! wow, answered prayers. she won't be too thrilled about leaving her friends, but i think she'll like it once school starts.

i hope i didn't offend anyone with the way i talk about teachers. education for our children is so important. it's so hard to make sure all kids get what they need. revamped somehow.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

J's 1st day of Kindergarten

i was really happy with the way this layout turned out. it was fun to find a drawing by J to add. i'm going to submit this one. if you click on it it will show a larger version.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


a couple bedtime memories to remember.

E - she loves a quick back rub at bedtime. i started it as a way to stay close as she gets older. hopefully even when she's a teen she'll like a back rub and it will help keep us close. she is afraid of lightening and thunder and will stay awake waiting for the next boom if there's a storm.

J - likes a back rub too. he moans and groans while i do it. he also mumbles to himself, or sighs as he falls asleep.

NL - likes to me to sing a song. he calls it a sing along. last night when i finished "a bushel and a peck" he said "that was beautiful". love him!

NT - he always wants a pacifier and something to snuggle. then he wants to put his hand up my shirt on the same spot on my stomach. he likes it best if i stay until he falls asleep, but lately i'm trying to leave him to fall asleep on his own.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


we had another amazing vacation in AZ. two weeks of warm weather and lazy days. perfect. between dave and i we took over 300 photos. there will be tons of scrapbook pages to come!

just like you

we went over to the building where dave's office is after dinner last night to look at the new office space that is being built for him on the third floor. it is much bigger than their "official" space now and dave will have his own office. on the way home J told dave he wanted to do just what dave does and work with him there when he grows up. it was so sweet and dave told him he'd love it if J came to work with him.


that was the temperature today here in northern illinois. a balmy 62! it was so nice after the cold days since we've been home. the kids played outside in tshirts. perfect weather for a saturday!

Monday, March 10, 2008

weirded out

so, my sister emails me today with some family history questions. she found an online site with some of our paternal grandmothers family history and she's emailed the guy whose site it is and he has some questions regarding our husbands names and kids names. i told her i was uncomfortable with my kids middles names floating around cyber space. She then gave me the site addy and i went to check out the site. the page she gave me is my dad's page. it has his name, birth year and my mom's name and birth year, when they were married and when the divorced. it goes on to list me and my sisters full names and our birth years. it gave me the chills. totally weirded me out. i'm not sure why, but i'm uncomfortable with someone knowing these things when they don't know us at all.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Layout for Pam's Contest

my buddy Pam posted a sketch challenge on her blog. here is my version.

patterned paper - KI Memories (from my first T2T box)
felt flowers - Jolees, EK Success
paper behind chipboard heart negative - knock, knock
chipboard - Heidi Swapp (i think, it was gifted to me, thanks Tina!)
cupcake wrapper - grocery store (thanks for the idea traci!)
letter stickers - doodlebug

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chelsea's Place Review

I picked up some of the Chelsea's Place collection from Michaels recently. The retail price was $12.99, but I used a 40% off coupon for mine. The above photo, that I took from Michaels sight, shows the line minus the shaped papers. There were 2 packs of paper. I bought the one of specialty papers. The color scheme is fun and I love that the papers all have something special about them. Each sheet is either die cut, glittered or flocked. They are heavy weight patterned papers. So, the papers definitely get a thumbs up.

I also brought home the die cut chipboard letters. They have cute patterns spread randomly through the alphabet. One of the reasons I got them was because I thought they were going to be self adhesive. There is a light adhesive on them that didn't work at all. I placed them on the page and they fell off as soon as I picked up the layout. I ended up using a little liquid adhesive on them to make them stick. The package isn't labeled as self adhesive, but looks like other chipboard letters that are, so I assumed. The fonts are cute though, so I give them a thumbs up as well.

The first layout and the card show the green scalloped paper that is in the paper kit. The second layout uses the scalloped round paper and the embossed red and blue paper.

Monday, February 25, 2008


i edited my faith story below. i will read it wednesday evening at the midweek church service.

the good life

i did this layout with my SIStv sushi collection. i really like the way it turned out. it was one of those layouts that just kinda happened. most things are from the kit, with the exception of: the silver sticker at the corner of the photo is from Marliese, a SISter who sent it to me in a pay it forward package. the red flowers and the brads are queen and company. the felt heart was part of a garland i got from the dollar tree at christmas time.

i love this photo, can't wait to get to arizona again. only 3 more weeks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter CHA

if you want to see tons of pictures of new product and read reviews of the latest and greatest you should go to Craft Critique. there is definitely some cool stuff coming out.

Friday, February 8, 2008

my faith story

i'm writing this here to share with anyone who cares to read it. i am writing it down because i am going to be sharing it at church and i'm planning to read it. this is a rough draft.

we didn't go to church often untill i was in junior high. and then we went every weekend. my parents were helping to found a episcopal church in our town. there weren't many people yet, and i was one of the few acolytes. i was baptized and confirmed in that church. i did those things because my parents wanted me to. i didn't believe in God really. i had a lot of doubt and a lot of questions. after high school my family moved back to illinois and I met dave. he had a firm faith and was able to answer a lot of my questions.
dave and i were married in Grace Episcopal church here in freeport. i still wasn't sure what i believed, but I wanted to be married in the church. i liked the idea of God and Jesus but i didn't feel it.
after living in chicago for a couple years dave and i decided to move to austin, texas. we had visited some friends there on our honeymoon and really enjoyed it. the music industry was booming, so for dave it was a business move. our friends attended a modern seeker based church, so for me it was a spiritual move.
the church was the kind with contemporary music played by a band, they had dramas and multi media presentations. the pastor spoke about things i needed to hear, like why the bible was real and what it meant to me.
after we'd lived in austin for several weeks a friend asked me to come to a bapist revival weekend with her. i was on a search for God, and what other place could be more perfect to find him?
i don't remember much about the weekend. it was full of bible study, prayer and song. i do remember the sunday morning church service very clearly. at the end of the service the pastor asked us to come up and get the communion sacrement and go wherever we wanted to to take it. he told us pray to God silently and tell God what we needed or wanted help with. i went to the back of the church and got down on one knee and leaned on the pew. i took the sacrement and closed my eyes. i prayed to God and told him i wanted Jesus in my heart. i wanted to believe. i wanted to feel his love daily. and then i paused. i kept my eyes shut but i could see and feel Jesus beside me. he was kneeling on my left with his arm around me. he was wearing a white robe with a bright blue sash just like in the photo on my grandma's bedroom wall. and then i knew. he had been beside me the whole time. i had been blind to his presence, but when i asked for clarity he was shown to me.
i decided to be baptized again. It was important to me that I have a do-over. I wanted to mean it. Baptism to me means believeing in and loving Jesus and proclaiming yourself a christian. on a summer weekend i was baptized with several other adults. we stood in the colorado river. the same river that runs through the Grand Canyon and took turns as the pastor introduced us to the gathered church members. when it was my turn i told a little of my story and introduced the people i had brought with me, people that helped me in my faith journey, who were also standing in the water. the pastor stood with his hands on my back and my head. he prayed for my baptism and then gently bent me back until the water covered my face. and it felt so right to claim jesus as he had claimed me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i got cut

well, i didn't make it past the second round. it really sucks. i was hoping to make it, even after i saw some of the others submissions. i really thought mine rocked.

so now what? i saw that label tulip has a design team call going on. i'm thinking about trying for that one, they have great kits. if nothing else, making the first cut for the fashionistas did help my self esteem about my scrapping skills. so, i'll keep trying for another team. being on one was so fun! i miss it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'm not sure

i'm not sure i can handle continuing in this fashionista competition. it is quickly becoming important to me to make the team. i tried to make a layout that would get picked for the catwalk this week. and didn't make it. the catwalk is a selection of layouts that the current fashionista's pick each week. this week they are all layouts with the sushi collection. i have never been on the catwalk before and so i was very hopeful this week especially after one of the fashionistas left me a comment on one of my layouts. how am i gonna make the team if i can't even make the catwalk. part of me would like to give up now. so that it's my decision not to make it. i don't want to face the rejection. when i sent the email submitting my name for the team i never thought i'd make it past the first round. kept telling myself there was no way. but, now that i have made it, now that i know there's a chance, and JJ likes my stuff, well i get more invested each day.

i will keep doing the challenges. the reward of winning is worth it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

a couple kiddo goodies

E - she is very excited because she won a contest at school. there is a reading program called accelerated reader that they use at her school. they read books and take tests to earn points. the better your reading comprehension the more points they get. the student with the most points in each class wins as well as the student in each grade with the most points. well, she won for her class and for the second grade!! i am very proud of her, as she wanted to win this and worked hard for it. do you wanna know what she won? for her class prize she gets to pick any teacher in the school and throw a whipped cream pie in their face! she chose her first grade teacher, whom we all loved. and as second grade winner she gets to throw a pie in the principals face!! it's today and she wants me to come. should be some good photos!

J - he always has creative ways of describing things and often uses big words. words way to big for a kindergarten student. he says "actually" and "technically" things like that. the other night we were talking about how school had been when i remembered i had snuck a note in his lunch box. i asked him how lunch went.
he said "good"
"did you find anything interesting in your bag?"
he started naming the food that i had packed.
"wasn't there anything that wasn't food?"
he puts on his thinking face, rolls his eyes up to look at the ceiling and says "i can't find it. oh, yeah. there was a note."
me feining shock "there was?" "did you like it?"
"it was embarrassing"
me shocked for real "what? why?"
"you wrote momma on it."
"what would you rather i write?"
"mommy (pause)or just mom. yeah, just mom"

i wonder if he was looking through his bag in his head when he said he couldn't find it or if he couldn't find the memory. funny boy. he often calls me momma at home, but i guess he doesn't want to appear babyish in front of "the guys". i would rather they call me momma forever. i prefer it over mommy. but, i guess i don't get to choose.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sushi anyone?

here's the first thing i made with ashley's kit. the calender came in the kit. i added a Heidi swapp journal spot, some punchinella, a button and a star i made to look (hopefully) like the shapes on the papers. i'm gonna use the calender to record the little happinesses in our everyday lives together.


i love a good mail day. look what the fedex man brought me! it's the rainbow sushi collection from SIStv by Ashley Wren. i had to have it because i've known Ashley for awhile in the online community and met her last year at CHA. i feel a kindship with her and wanted to support her design work.

off and running

today is gonna be one of those momma taxi days.
- pick E up from school and take her to the eye doctor for a check up
- take E back to school, so she doesn't miss a special lunch in the class room
- pick up J from school
- pick up E from school (a 3 hour day)
- home for lunch for the other 2 boys
- drop boys at in laws for ballet time
- drop E at ballet
- maybe stay at ballet and talk with other moms, or home for a couple chores or maybe some scrappin
- pick up E from ballet
- run to store for a couple dinner things
- pick up boys and home for dinner

guess i better get going!

Monday, January 14, 2008


mondays are simple days for me. i have a little free time (without kids) during the day and then mil takes the kids for dinner and playtime at mcdonalds. the big 2 are at school, J has a full day. NL and NT go to grandmas for homeschool preschool for 2 hours this am. i plan to take a treadmill walk and use the new shelf D built for my laptop to sit on so i can watch tv shows while i walk. i also need to catch up on a few dishes, rotate laundry and drop off a couple movies.

speaking of movies, we watched stardust last night. it was really good. i didn't like it at first because i didn't get it. but, as it went along things were explained and i ended up enjoying it. michelle phiffer is an old witch, loved her. her makeup was awesome. Robert Deniro is a flamboyant pirate captain and is hilarious. it is a great fairy tale. definitely worth a rent.

for our family movie this weekend we watch Zoom. it's a couple years old, but we hadn't seen it, because it got horrible reviews. i decided to get it because i thought the kids would like it. they did. i liked it too. it was so funny it lots of places. exactly my kind of humor, i lol several times.

a new favorite layout

i almost didn't post this one anywhere. i was thinking about submitting it. but, changed my mind. what do you think?

jumping on the bandwagon

well, i've had a private blog for awhile, but now i'm going public! we'll see how it goes. i'm sure i won't be a regular poster, but i'll try.

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