Saturday, May 24, 2008

random goings on

lots of stuff going on lately.

the kids spring activities are wrapping up. E's class had a field trip to the discovery center in rockford. it's a hands on childrens museum. great fun. the photo is her climbing down the mouse hole under the stairs between floors.

J's class had a mom's day at school. i went and enjoyed some time with him, one on one.

we've been going to garage sales and rummage sales when we see them. i love church rummage sales. they are great for finding treasures old ladies have tossed. i found a great wallet, key and comb set for 75 cents at one a couple weeks ago. it's vintage, made of pig skin and was never used! J is always on the lookout for bionicle pieces. and NL wants to get his hands on polly pockets.

my in laws just got home from springing in arizona. they don't go out until late february, so they don't really winter there, they spring there. we're glad to have them back. i get used to not having them around and doing all the kid schlepping with some help from dh. but, now that they're back i don't have to take the kids on all my errands. mil takes them for home school pre-school 2 hours 3 days a week. plus, she keeps them for lunch one day too. it's heaven! i can get twice as much done without littles taging along.

there's more, but i need to load some photos, so i'll be back.

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