Sunday, February 15, 2009

adventures in parenting

i just wrote out a long post about the stomach bug we've got going through our house and lots of details that were totally to much information.

let's just say that nl got sick in the living room today. it took us by surprise, we thought he was past that part of the sickness. dave tried to get him out of the room and covered nl's mouth as he ran. i got back with a pot before they made it out of the room. but, the mess was huge. the bad news is it took both dave and I 2 1/2 hours to completely clean up. the good news is that dave, nl and joe (the dog) had baths and the area rug and hard wood floors, and coffee table were all cleaned. it even got into the valentine goodie bags that were sitting in bags on the floor. it's one of those stories that we'll laugh about when nl has kids of his own, but right now i can't laugh because i keep thinking i smell more of it!

we're praying e and j don't get it, but at least if they do, they're really good about hitting the bucket. ;)

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