Friday, December 30, 2011

Percy Jackson Party

This party was over a year ago for J's 9th birthday. The party was based on the book The Lightening Thief. The book is about a 12 year old boy who discovers he is half human half god and goes to a camp for demi-gods for training. So, this party was a day at Camp Half-blood.

I borrowed the columns from a friend and draped them with white sheer curtains to give them a more Greek look. The blue trident on the right was a devil's pitch from the halloween section of Joann's that I painted blue. The dangling thing on the right is a minotaur's horn that I made from styrofoam and painted to represent Percy's trophy from slaying the minotaur.

The first part of the party was dinner. We had a standard Camp Half-blood dinner consisting of beef brisket, grapes, apples, strawberries, cheese and rolls. To drink they had several beverages to choose from because at camp their cups fill with whatever drink they desire.

For a craft they painted their own shields. I bought pizza pans from the dollar tree and had some metallic paints in my stash. I didn't have enough pans for the birthday boy's brothers to make shields so I cut out some round foam core for them to participate. When they were dry I added a strap to the back so they could wear them as shields when they battled with their plastic swords.

This is the birthday boy the next morning, the party was a sleepover. The battling was quickly sentenced to the basement.

In the book Percy has a thing for blue foods, so for dessert the boys had blue cupcakes, blue cookies and blue taffy.

After a summer at Camp Half-blood the campers are given a bead for their necklaces. The bead for Percy's first summer was a blue trident. So, I made necklaces out of wooden beads I painted and strung on leather cord. They also took home their sword and shield.

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Alessandra said...

Cool cupcakes! I posted something about Percy and blue food too, here


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