Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School

i go back and forth between "yay, they're back in school" and "man, i can't believe summer is over!" it did go fast and that means that winter is just around the corner and i really don't like winter. i need to live somewhere where it doesn't get cold. but anyway, i digress. the first day of school was last monday a week and 2 days ago. e and j were both ready to get back to it. and excited about their new school. the first time they've attended school together. they are both in the HAPP program now. it is an accelerated learning program in our district. i think it will be really good for them. i think i have blogged about it before.

j has never even seen the speed racer movie and only seen a couple of the cartoons on dvd, but loves the merchandise and begged for a speed racer t-shirt. he also was desperate (he is usually full of drama!) for an ironman backpack. he never saw that movie either, but loves the idea of that superhero who can fly and made his own suit.

e is very preteen these days and she's only 8! she'll be 9 at the end of the month, but already exhibits preteen behavior! there is lots of hands on the hips and she's already into fashion. we shopped the end of summer sales for some of her back to school stuff and she adored this sparkly turqoise shirt. she is carrying the same bag as last year, so she could use her back pack money for another shirt. :)

don't let this photo fool you. j wanted to love on e for the photo, but e was none too pleased. as soon as i was done taking a couple shots she pushed him away. very preteen!!

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