Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kenner Road

A very sweet lady that i met through an online site is opening her very own kit club called Kenner Road. Kerry Lynn is the kind of person who is just genuinely nice and caring and creative. i wish her the best of luck with this new endeavor. I think she's gonna ROCK IT!

Kenner Road is the name of the street KL grew up on. I can't imagine naming anything after the street i lived on for 7 years of my childhood, it was Tamara Drive. Great house, funny street name. Into my 20's it was my favorite house i'd ever been in. It had 4 bedrooms and a bonus room next to the garage. Even with 3 siblings i always had my own room. i loved that. the best part was that there were 4 girls in the same grade as me on our block, emily, jenny, joey and becky. good times!

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