Wednesday, November 19, 2008

they rock

e and j's school had an awards ceremony last week for honors from the first quarter. each teacher awards a citizenship award to a boy and a girl in their class each quarter. e and j both got the citizenship awards in their classes! i was very proud! e's class has been together for 2 full years already and she just joined them this year for 3rd grade. so, it was especially sweet in her case. after the 3rd and 4th grade ceremony i told her teacher that j had gotten the citizenship for his class and said "isn't that funny" or something to that effect. she replied "no, that's good parenting!". love her!! actually, i'm sure it's a good portion cool kid and some parenting mixed in.

e also got awards for having straight A's and reading 250,000 words during the quarter.
j also got perfect attendance. there are less awards for the younger kids and they don't get letter grades until 3rd grade in our district. if they did he would have gotten all a's as well as his marks were all o's (the highest mark for k-2nd). i wasn't at his ceremony, but dave was, so the pic of j is on his phone!

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