Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'm not sure

i'm not sure i can handle continuing in this fashionista competition. it is quickly becoming important to me to make the team. i tried to make a layout that would get picked for the catwalk this week. and didn't make it. the catwalk is a selection of layouts that the current fashionista's pick each week. this week they are all layouts with the sushi collection. i have never been on the catwalk before and so i was very hopeful this week especially after one of the fashionistas left me a comment on one of my layouts. how am i gonna make the team if i can't even make the catwalk. part of me would like to give up now. so that it's my decision not to make it. i don't want to face the rejection. when i sent the email submitting my name for the team i never thought i'd make it past the first round. kept telling myself there was no way. but, now that i have made it, now that i know there's a chance, and JJ likes my stuff, well i get more invested each day.

i will keep doing the challenges. the reward of winning is worth it.

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Michelle McGee said...

Oh hun... keep going... you must!

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