Monday, January 14, 2008


mondays are simple days for me. i have a little free time (without kids) during the day and then mil takes the kids for dinner and playtime at mcdonalds. the big 2 are at school, J has a full day. NL and NT go to grandmas for homeschool preschool for 2 hours this am. i plan to take a treadmill walk and use the new shelf D built for my laptop to sit on so i can watch tv shows while i walk. i also need to catch up on a few dishes, rotate laundry and drop off a couple movies.

speaking of movies, we watched stardust last night. it was really good. i didn't like it at first because i didn't get it. but, as it went along things were explained and i ended up enjoying it. michelle phiffer is an old witch, loved her. her makeup was awesome. Robert Deniro is a flamboyant pirate captain and is hilarious. it is a great fairy tale. definitely worth a rent.

for our family movie this weekend we watch Zoom. it's a couple years old, but we hadn't seen it, because it got horrible reviews. i decided to get it because i thought the kids would like it. they did. i liked it too. it was so funny it lots of places. exactly my kind of humor, i lol several times.


Lisa said...

I rented Stardust and loved it as well. I thought it actually had a wonderful moral. It also had a lot of pretty things in it.

Noelia said...

Congrats on having a public blog!

Ali said...

We watched Stardust on Sun night too and loved it! LOL.

TY for the blog addy. :) -Ali

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