Friday, January 18, 2008

a couple kiddo goodies

E - she is very excited because she won a contest at school. there is a reading program called accelerated reader that they use at her school. they read books and take tests to earn points. the better your reading comprehension the more points they get. the student with the most points in each class wins as well as the student in each grade with the most points. well, she won for her class and for the second grade!! i am very proud of her, as she wanted to win this and worked hard for it. do you wanna know what she won? for her class prize she gets to pick any teacher in the school and throw a whipped cream pie in their face! she chose her first grade teacher, whom we all loved. and as second grade winner she gets to throw a pie in the principals face!! it's today and she wants me to come. should be some good photos!

J - he always has creative ways of describing things and often uses big words. words way to big for a kindergarten student. he says "actually" and "technically" things like that. the other night we were talking about how school had been when i remembered i had snuck a note in his lunch box. i asked him how lunch went.
he said "good"
"did you find anything interesting in your bag?"
he started naming the food that i had packed.
"wasn't there anything that wasn't food?"
he puts on his thinking face, rolls his eyes up to look at the ceiling and says "i can't find it. oh, yeah. there was a note."
me feining shock "there was?" "did you like it?"
"it was embarrassing"
me shocked for real "what? why?"
"you wrote momma on it."
"what would you rather i write?"
"mommy (pause)or just mom. yeah, just mom"

i wonder if he was looking through his bag in his head when he said he couldn't find it or if he couldn't find the memory. funny boy. he often calls me momma at home, but i guess he doesn't want to appear babyish in front of "the guys". i would rather they call me momma forever. i prefer it over mommy. but, i guess i don't get to choose.

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Ali said...

Bravo Ella and "Awwww, so sweet" in response to the Jacob story!

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